Turning Point
Juvenile Diversion Program  

The Turning Point Juvenile Diversion Program is a Prevention/Intervention program sponsored by the Kane County Bar Foundation. The program began over 14 years ago due to the need for community-based programs for at risk youth and first-time offenders. 

The goal of the program is to provide the tools necessary for our youth to make positive and healthy choices, assist in improving communication skills, to encourage parents to be directly involved in the decisions made by their children/adolescents to avoid future legal trouble, and become productive citizens in our communities.

The “Skills for Life” program teaches decision making, character education, citizenship and community awareness to divert these youth from future court processing.  Alcohol/Drug Specialist provide current education with emphasis on at-risk behaviors.  These skills are presented through a series of group sessions, individual case plans, and community service.  

Generally, any young person between the ages of 12-17 years of age with no previous arrests or court referrals is eligible for the Turning Point Program. A youth with previous contacts who would benefit from the program may be referred for consideration on a case by case basis. The program consists of four (4) sessions to be completed. One or both parents are required to attend the (first) and (last) session.  In addition, the family must attend an intake meeting before enrollment in a class and each adolescent will be responsible for ten (10) hours of community service. The cost for the program is $75.00.  

Please contact for appointment:

Linda J. Williams, Coordinator
555 S. Randall Road, Suite 203
St. Charles, IL. 60174
e: lwilliams5285@gmail.com
p: 630-336-5819
website: turningpointdiversion.com

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