Outstanding New Lawyer Award

The Outstanding New Lawyer Award is presented to someone who is in their first eight years of practice and who has shown commitment to the Kane County Bar Association through committee involvement and other contributions to the association and/or legal profession.  The honoree has also exhibited a commitment to their community and has promoted a positive view of the legal profession through their integrity and professional responsibility.  This award is presented to a well-rounded individual who, in addition to meeting other criteria, has demonstrated a high level of professional development for this early stage of their career.

Criteria for Selection

  • Each candidate should be a new lawyer in their first eight years of practice;
  • The emphasis should be on someone who has shown a commitment to the Bar Association through committee involvement and other recognized contributions to the Bar Association and/or the legal profession;
  • The candidate should exhibit a commitment to community involvement;
  • Candidates should demonstrate a high level of professional development for their career level.
  • All candidates for nomination must promote a positive view of the legal profession through integrity and professional responsibility.

Congratulations to our 2020 Outstanding New Lawyer Recipient - Emily Rapp! 

Past Outstanding New Lawyer Award Honorees

2019 - Mollie Peskind
2018 - Amanda J. Hamilton
2017 - Marissa R. Hanson
2016 - Lindsay Hatzis
2015 - Michael W. Lenert
2014 - Catherine D. Battista
2013 - Joshua B. Rosenzweig
2012 - Daniel R. Whiston
2011 - Lawrence W. Lobb
2010 - Roman J. Seckel
2009 - Jennifer L. Sellers
2008 - Gregory Maksimuk & Brian J. O’Connor
2007 - Dean Frieders & Diana M. Law
2006 - Carolyn D. Jansons
2005 - Julie L. Cibulskis

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