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Kane County Bar Association Evaluates Candidates


The Kane County Bar Association has completed its evaluation of twenty-eight candidates for the Associate Circuit Judge vacancy in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit. The findings of the Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee, reported to the Chief Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, are as follows:

Name of Candidate                                     Finding
David F. Belshan                                            Recommended
Kimberly R. Bilbrey                                       Recommended
Debra L. Bree                                                 Recommended
Stephen D. Brown                                         Recommended
Reginald N. Campbell                                    Recommended
Marzena M. Chwistek Van De Burgt            Recommended
Marina L. Cowart                                           Highly Recommended
Patrick J. Crimmins                                        Highly Recommended
Joseph M. Cullen                                            Recommended
Kimberly DiGiovanni                                    Highly Recommended
Robert D. Dore                                              Highly Recommended
William G. Engerman                                    Highly Recommended
Alan L. Garrow                                              Recommended
Christopher G. Hollingsworth                      Recommended
Kenneth E. Johnson                                       Recommended
Adam L. Katz                                                  Recommended
Thomas M. Leuer                                          Recommended
Lawrence W. Lobb                                        Highly Recommended
Jeffrey A. Meyer                                             Recommended
Kelly M. Orland                                              Recommended
Edward R. Peterka                                        Recommended
Richard T. Petesch                                         Recommended
Viviana Ramirez                                            Highly Recommended
Roman J. Seckel                                             Recommended
Deborah L. Simpson                                      Recommended
Mark D. Stajdohar                                         Recommended
Nils von Keudell                                            Recommended
Eun K. Yoon                                                   Recommended


The Bar Association utilizes a twenty-one-member Judicial Evaluation Committee, who are a diverse group of practicing lawyers. Included among the committee members are lawyers who practice in all areas of the law, and include state, federal and administrative law practitioners.

The process used by the Judicial Evaluation Committee of the Kane County Bar Association includes review of the questionnaires completed by the candidates, interviews with the candidates who participate, and inquiries of lawyers who have practiced with the candidates. The Committee then discusses the qualifications of each candidate and a vote on each candidate is then taken by secret ballot. The criteria for Committee evaluation include the integrity, legal knowledge, legal ability, judicial temperament, diligence, punctuality, and professional experience of the candidate.

The Committee members maintain a pledge of confidentiality that facilitates a forum for complete and frank discussion. A “highly recommended” finding requires a 75% vote. A “recommended” finding requires a 60% vote. Anything less that than receives a “not presently recommended” finding. The evaluation conducted by the KCBA Judicial Evaluation Committee is a personal interview process. The Illinois State Bar Association conducts a poll, which is an independent survey mailed to ISBA and KCBA members within the 16" Judicial Circuit and those results are released separately.

About the Kane County Bar Association: The oldest bar association in the state of Illinois, the Association is established to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of law, to facilitate and promote the administration of justice, to encourage continuing legal education, to assist in the delivery of legal services to the public, and to cultivate social and professional interrelationships among its members.