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KCBA Board of Managers Election

KCBA Election Procedures 2014

The Kane County Bar Association is governed by a Board of Managers, consisting now (per last year’s By-Law changes) of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and six board members.  The Immediate Past President remains on the board ex-officio for the year after his or her presidency.  The Board of Managers meets monthly to set policy, to establish programs beneficial to our members, and to ensure that the KCBA is fiscally sound. 

Each spring, the KCBA conducts elections for vacancies on the Board of Managers.  This year there are two vacant positions, each with a three year term beginning July 1, 2014.  The KCBA is fortunate to have five candidates vying for the two seats on the Board of Managers.  The position of Secretary/Treasurer will be filled this year by Larry Lobb.  Based on the procedures outlined in the Kane County Bar Association By-Laws, Greg submitted a petition for this position.  The KCBA Nominating Committee did not put forward a candidate to run against Larry, therefore ensuring his nomination to this position.  He is now on the “Officer Track” and will serve as Secretary Treasurer in 2014 – 2015, Vice President the year after that, and will be the Kane County Bar Association President in 2016 – 2017.  

To help you make an informed decision when you cast your vote for leadership for your bar association, please click on the following links to read about the candidates: 
Elizabeth Berrones-Rotchford
David Buetow
Alice Henrikson
Vince Mancini

Lidia Serrano

Members have indicated that they would prefer an election process that is confidential.  After research, the Board decided that KCBA members would be best served through an online election.  Since our election ran so smoothly last year, and resulted in over 3x the participation we were accustomed to, we have contracted again with BallotBox Online, an electronic elections service company.  An online election is more affordable than a blind paper ballot election and it is secure and easy to manage.  Statistically, online elections maximize voter turnout, which is very beneficial to our organization.  (We want our members to be involved and to have a voice.)  BallotBox Online ensures that no one votes more than once, and that the voting is anonymous so that no one will be able to connect a vote to the person who cast it.  

The Kane County Bar Association's online election for seats on the Board of Managers will be launched on Monday, April 14 and will run through Wednesday, April 30.  The election will allow members to vote on two open positions on our Board of Managers.

An e-mail will be sent from BallotBox Online to all members for whom we have an individual email address. Please set your spam filter to allow the following:

Once you receive the e-mail, click on "Click here to vote." which will take you to a login page. You will create a password of your choosing following the directions.  After you set a password, you'll be taken straight to a Web page that summarizes our election.  We anticipate the online voting will take no more than 5 minutes.  Because your votes are tied to your personal email address, each eligible voting member will be allowed to vote only once.  Also because your votes are submitted directly to BallotBox Online, your vote is secure and private.

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