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An Attorney and a Gentleman (x 2)

An Attorney and a Gentleman (x 2)
By Julie Cibulskis, Esq.

Bill Murphy and Charlie Myler are two of my favorite people that I have met while practicing law in Kane County during the past fifteen years.  They are both distinguished attorneys and consummate gentlemen.  Most of you probably know Bill and Charlie for their excellent legal work, their commitment to the Kane County Bar Association, and their service to the community where they live and work.  In fact, some people might even say that the “C” and “B” in KCBA stand for Charlie and Bill.  On September 21, 2013, I had the pleasure of spending the better part of a day talking to Charlie and Bill and soaking up every bit of wisdom they had to offer.  It was such a remarkable experience that I thought it was worth sharing.

Bill Murphy, Julie Cibulskis, Charlie Myler


This summer Jan Wade sent me an email asking if I was willing to interview Bill and Charlie in Chicago for a project called StoryCorps.  The idea of an interview with two of the preeminent Kane County attorneys originated with Judge Brawka who heard about StoryCorps on NPR radio.  The KCBA Board of Managers loved the idea of preserving our legal history and offered me the chance to interview Bill and Charlie.  Knowing that this was a unique opportunity, I gladly accepted the invitation.  


In preparation for the interview, I conducted some research.  I learned that StoryCorps is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide all people with the opportunity to record and preserve stories.[i]  In addition to studios in New York, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco, StoryCorps has two mobile booths that travel across the country.[ii]  During the past ten years, it has collected more than 45,000 interviews and has preserved the recorded stories at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.[iii]


We secured a recording time with StoryCorps for Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Charlie, Bill and I drove into Chicago together.  We prepared for the interview on our way into Chicago and talked about the practice of law and our respective families.  After a delightful lunch at Petterino’s, we headed over to the StoryCorps recording booth at the Chicago Cultural Center.  A facilitator helped us complete the necessary paperwork and guided us through the 40 minute interview process.  It was a painless process and one we all thoroughly enjoyed. 


I am grateful to Bill Murphy, Charlie Myler, Judge Brawka and the KCBA for organizing and participating in the StoryCorps interview process.  If you want to preserve the oral history of someone near and dear to you, whether a family member or colleague, I encourage you to do so.  Pick up your dictaphone, schedule a lunch meeting, and record a little bit of history.  If you interview a Kane County colleague, send a copy to the KCBA.  I wouldn’t mind listening to it!


Please click on this link to listen to the interview: LISTEN


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