Kane County Bar Association Memorial Plaque

The Kane County Bar Association Board of Managers has created a Memorial Plaque to honor deceased attorneys and judges who were members of the Kane County Bar Association. This Memorial Plaque is displayed outside the Ceremonial Courtroom at the Kane County Judicial Center and was unveiled following the May 13, 2015, Memorial Service.

The plaque is a beautifully displayed walnut board with gold engraved plates attached.  All orders for engraved plates must be pre-paid. Nameplates will be added quarterly. The cost of an engraved nameplate is $250 and half of the proceeds will be donated to the Kane County Bar Foundation.

Please click here for an order form:  MEMORIAL PLAQUE

At present, the following attorneys and judges have been honored with a nameplate:

Howard W. Broecker
Gregory Brown 
Thomas D. Chase
Raymond J. Costello
George Driscoll Carbary
Warren Edward Carbary
William F. Castillo
Robert A. Chapski
Richard L. Cooper
Bruce K. David
Honorable Patrick J. Dixon
Honorable James R. Edwards
Honorable T. Jordan Gallagher
Honorable Robert E. Haeger, II
Richard C. Hamper
John E. Juergensmeyer
Honorable Kurt P. Klein
Honorable John A. Leifheit
J. Robert Murphy
William C. Murphy
Charles J. Myler
Honorable Gene L. Nottolini
Eugene F. Parker
L. Lee Perington
David Peskind
Honorable John L. Petersen
Honorable John S. Petersen
Kim E. Presbrey
Joseph Radovich
Clarence J. Ruddy
Richard D. Schiller
Honorable Donald J. Weaver
Willard B. Widerberg
Honorable Leonard J. Wojtecki