KCBA Membership Dues

Rates shown below are annual rates. The KCBA only offers one year memberships, but you can pay in two installments. If you select this option, you are agreeing to a one year membership, and are obligated to pay both installments. To pay in two installments, divide annual rate in half.

New Admittees
Free for 1 year from date of admission 
$    0.00
Admitted 1 – 6 years
$   230.00
Admitted 6+ years
$ 320.00
(must be employed full-time in a government or not-for-profit organization)
$   135.00
(Paid in a one time annual payment for the year July 1 – June 30)
$ 200.00
$   85.00
Law Student
$     0.00
Life Member
(An attorney who has been practicing more than 45 years and who has paid KCBA dues for at least ten years preceding their 45th Anniversary)
$     0.00

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