Lawyers in the Classroom

Law-focused education can and should be a regular part of the curriculum in our schools. To aid public understanding of the law, the Kane County Bar Foundation is pleased to sponsor the Lawyer-In-The-Classroom Program.

The Lawyer-In-The-Classroom Program pairs a local attorney to every public and private middle and high school serving Kane County students. Some 50 attorneys and schools are included.

Volunteering their time, the local attorneys are available to help educators plan and present lessons on our national and local legal system and other issues with law-related themes. Our attorneys have regularly spoken on topics such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights, search and seizure, patents and trademarks, the death penalty, business law, family law, and law as a career. We've helped organize and serve as judges for mock trials and debates. We've even made presentations on the legal issues presented in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Specific attorneys can be assigned as a liaison to local middle and high schools, and the KCBF can also provide assistance to elementary schools as well.

If you are a teacher or principal interested in scheduling a presentation from one of our volunteer attorneys, please contact Program Coordinator, Kelli Strain at  We ask that you allow at least two weeks before your proposed event, so that we can locate the most appropriate speaker for your topic.

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