New KCBA Membership 6 Month Installment

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The KCBA only offers one year memberships, but you can pay in two installments.  If you select this option, you are agreeing to a one year membership, and are obligated to pay both installments. If you pay in two installments, the billing is done in June and December.

Please Note:

  • Paralegals are required to fill out and mail in a separate application form available for download here.
  • All other applicants must fill out the New Member Application and Committee Sign Up Form before making their purchase.
  • Government/Not-for-Profit memberships must be employed full-time in a government or not-for-profit organization.
  • Life Members: An attorney who has been procticing more than 45 years and who has paid KCBA dues for at least ten years preceding their 45th Anniversary.
  • If you are a Judge wishing to become a member of KCBA, please click here. Judge memberships are paid in one time annual payments for the year July 1 - June 30.

Please Begin By Filling Out the KCBA Membership Application

Personal Information

Residence Address

Law Firm / Office Information

Education Information

Special Interests

Committee Sign Up

Please Note: Even if you intend to continue to serve on the same committee you have served on for years, we still need to confirm this by completing the form below. Please check any committees that you are interested in joining.

KCBA Committees

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