Courthouse Security Passes

Attorneys licensed to practice in the state of Illinois may purchase the following security passes through the Kane County Bar Association that allows them to enter the Courthouse via a separate attorney security line. Courthouse security passes are valid for the attorney named on the card only. Attempted use by another will result in confiscation by court security.  No court passes will be issued for non-attorneys.

The Kane County Bar Association processes Courthouse Security Passes through the authority of the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.  The KCBA also processes Courthouse Security Passes for DuPage County under their supervision.

Kane County Courthouse Security Passes

  • Please note that the Kane security pass now has a new look to it. We have updated our camera system for this pass and therefore, it will now be a separate card from your ARDC card. 
  • The new pass will be a digital photo taken and placed onto a lightweight plastic card. Other data on the card will include your ARDC number, an expiration date, the KCBA logo and a security watermark image.  
  • These passes are accepted at all Kane County Courthouse locations and allow attorneys to bypass the security lines.
  • A photo ID and your current ARDC is required for proof of identity.
  • Cost:  $20.00

DuPage County Courthouse Security Passes

  • A transponder card is used for this pass.  There is a transponder built into the pass so that when the card is scanned at the security checkpoint, the image of the cardholder appears on the screen so the deputies can verify identity.
  • The card has a photo, an expiration date, and a special hologram (to prevent duplication).
  • These passes are accepted at the DuPage County Courthouse and also at the Kane County Courthouses.  Kane County does not have the electronic security equipment that DuPage County has, but since the card has a photo ID and an expiration date, it is accepted the same way as the Kane County Pass (described above).
  • A photo ID and current ARDC card are required for proof of identity.
  • New card cost:  $30.00; Renewal card cost:  $20
  • The new card costs more initially due to the transponder; renewals do not require a new transponder as long as the transponder portion of the pass is reusable, just a new photo/expiration date cover. 
  • Transponder IDs will not be activated immediately.  It may take 5 – 10 business days for county verification. 


  • The KCBA processes both types of passes at our office during regular business hours.
  • FAST PASS hours will be offered in January, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm for your convenience.
  • Membership is not required to obtain either a Kane or DuPage Courthouse Security Pass.