Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to a member of the Kane County Bar Association who has demonstrated a broad based involvement in the community, and who is an active member of the legal profession.  The honorees have shown a firm commitment for working toward a better government and fostering civic improvements. They have impeccable character, a strong sense of family, and are held in high regard by their peers.  The Kane County Bar Association Community Service Award is presented to a well-rounded individual who, through actions, has shown a true understanding of and a caring attitude toward the community in which they reside.

Criteria for Selection

  • A member, in good standing, of the Kane County Bar Association;
  • An individual with broad based community involvement, i.e.  hospital boards, service clubs, scouting, local and national charitable organizations;
  • An active member of the legal profession;
  • An individual who is active in political and civic organizations,  working for better government and civic improvements;
  • An individual of impeccable character;
  • An individual with a strong sense of family;
  • An individual who is held with high regard and esteem by his/her peers;
  • A well rounded individual who, through his or her actions, shows a true understanding and care for the community in which he or she resides.

Congratulations to our 2020 Community Service Award Recipient - Monica Patankar!

Past Community Service Award Honorees

2019 - Douglas B. Warlick
2018 - Richard C. Irvin
2017 - Patrick J. Crimmins
2016 - Richard L. Turner, Jr.
2015 - Vincent C. Mancini
2014 - Patrick M. Flaherty
2013 - Susan D. Shivers
2012 - Thomas D. Chase
2011 - Honorable T. Clint Hull
2010 - James F. Cooke
2009 - Richard S. Scheflow
2008 - Ronald M. Hem
2007 - Elizabeth Lovig
2006 - Loren S. Golden
2005 - Honorable Judith Brawka
2004 - Timothy J. Reuland
2003 - Thomas A. McClow
2002 - Clarence F. Wittenstrom
2001 - Thomas G. McCracken
2000 - Patrick M. Kinnally
1999 - Honorable Richard J. Larson
1998 - Allen L. Landmeier
1997 - Alfred Y. Kirkland, Jr.
1996 - Frederick J. Steffen
1995 - Gilbert X. Drendel
1994 - L. Lee Perington
1993 - Sam Alschuler
1992 - Francis Youssi
1991 - Zalmon Goldsmith
1990 - Leonard J. Seraphin
1989 - Charles J. Myler
1988 - G. William Richards
1987 - William Brady
1986 - Clarence Ruddy

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