Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to a member of the Kane County Bar Association who has demonstrated a broad based involvement in the community, and who is an active member of the legal profession.  The honorees have shown a firm commitment for working toward a better government and fostering civic improvements. They have impeccable character, a strong sense of family, and are held in high regard by their peers.  The Kane County Bar Association Community Service Award is presented to a well-rounded individual who, through actions, has shown a true understanding of and a caring attitude toward the community in which they reside.

Criteria for Selection

  • A member, in good standing, of the Kane County Bar Association;
  • An individual with broad based community involvement, i.e.  hospital boards, service clubs, scouting, local and national charitable organizations;
  • An active member of the legal profession;
  • An individual who is active in political and civic organizations,  working for better government and civic improvements;
  • An individual of impeccable character;
  • An individual with a strong sense of family;
  • An individual who is held with high regard and esteem by his/her peers;
  • A well rounded individual who, through his or her actions, shows a true understanding and care for the community in which he or she resides.

Community Service Award Nomination Form (pdf)

Nomination deadline is April 13, 2018

Past Community Service Award Honorees

2017 - Patrick J. Crimmins
2016 - Richard L. Turner, Jr.
2015 - Vincent C. Mancini
2014 - Patrick M. Flaherty
2013 - Susan D. Shivers
2012 - Thomas D. Chase
2011 - Honorable T. Clint Hull
2010 - James F. Cooke
2009 - Richard S. Scheflow
2008 - Ronald M. Hem
2007 - Elizabeth Lovig
2006 - Loren S. Golden
2005 - Honorable Judith Brawka
2004 - Timothy J. Reuland
2003 - Thomas A. McClow
2002 - Clarence F. Wittenstrom
2001 - Thomas G. McCracken
2000 - Patrick M. Kinnally
1999 - Honorable Richard J. Larson
1998 - Allen L. Landmeier
1997 - Alfred Y. Kirkland, Jr.
1996 - Frederick J. Steffen
1995 - Gilbert X. Drendel
1994 - L. Lee Perington
1993 - Sam Alschuler
1992 - Francis Youssi
1991 - Zalmon Goldsmith
1990 - Leonard J. Seraphin
1989 - Charles J. Myler
1988 - G. William Richards
1987 - William Brady
1986 - Clarence Ruddy

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