Bar Briefs Feature Articles from 2017

Feature Articles / February 2017

“He’s only doing this for his Immigration Status” Allocation of Parental Responsibility and Mixed-Status Parents - by Elizabeth McGuan, Esq.

Congratulations! It’s a Parentage Action! - by Tony Scifo, Esq.

Lawyering 101: Dissolution of Marriage: Should I, or Shouldn’t I? - by Lidia Serrano, Esq.

Lawyering 101: Obtaining a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage: The Process - by Lidia Serrano, Esq.

KCBA Holiday Happy Hour Highlights

2 Years in Review - by Roman J. Seckel, Esq.

Lawyering 101: Step-Parent Adoptions in Six Easy Steps - by Bill Durrenberger, Esq.

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Feature Articles / March 2017

OSHA Shows Aggressive Regulatory Expansion Through New Rule Requiring Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Records - by Jon Hoag

Summer Interns: Free Labor or Wage and Hour Trap? - by Noah A. Frank, Esq.

Lawyering 101: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act: Elements of Proof for Workers’ Compensation Claim - by Kevin Sheehan

Lawyering 101: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Litigation and Procedure - by Jeffrey M. Reed

Lawyering 101: Basics of Residential Real Estate Closings - by Michael LaCava

Tracking the First 30 Working Days for Illinois Unemployment Insurance Opportunities - by Nancy E. Joerg

Lawyering 101: Bankruptcy Law - by Richard Larsen

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Feature Articles / April 2017

Legal Authority and Judicial Oversight of Executive Order 13769  - by Matt Timko

Are Hiring Practices Targeting College Students Discrimination Under the ADEA? - by Allison P. Sues

Americans With Disabilities Act: Is Your Website Accessible? - by Michael D. Wong

The EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan for 2017 to 2021 - by Noah A. Frank, Esq.

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ in a Dynamic World - by Mohammad Iqbal, Esq.

Bar Briefs Article Guidelines and Editorial Board Requirements

Judges’ Night

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Feature Articles / May 2017

KCBA Annual Meeting and Memorial Service Announcement 
In Memoriam

2017 Annual Dinner Invitation and List of Honored Guests

Why Do So Few Lawyers Handle Federal Workers’ Compensation Cases? - by Michael P. McCready 

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Feature Articles / June 2017

Practicing Law County to County - by Halle Cox 

16th Circuit Launches Program to serve Kane County Families

“Beauty School Dropout, Go Back to High School”:1  What Attorneys Can Learn from Salon Professionals About Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - by Michael Mehlick

CAVEAT ADVISOR! A Foreign Client or a Foreign Spouse Can
Upset “Normal” Transfer Tax Planning - by William C. Gifford

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Feature Articles / July 2017

Will the Second Time Be the Charm? What Everyone Ought to Know About IRS Private Debt Collection - by Angela Siener Williams 

2017 Award Winners

Introducing the New KCBA President - Carolyn D. Jansons - by Kevin Drendel
Post-Bankruptcy Analysis from the Plaintiff’s Perspective - by Michael Huseman

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Feature Articles / August 2017

Juvenile Sex Offender Registration in Illinois - by Lark Cowart

Alternative Court Aims to Keep the Mentally Ill from Repeat Criminal Acts - Carolyn D. Jansons - by Judith Miller, Esq.

Sanctions Debarring Rejection in Court-Annexed Mandatory Arbitration - by Mohammad Iqbal, Esq.

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Feature Articles / September 2017

Rule 756(e) Provides Uninsured Lawyers an Important Wakeup Call on Risk - by Andrew Murray

Career Advice at the End of a Career - by Paul J. Glaser

Retired Judges - Where Are They Now?

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Feature Articles / October 2017

An Open Letter to Pro Bono Attorneys - by Marcy Heston

A Few of My Favorite Things: Heirloom Exemptions in Bankruptcy - by Andrew J. Mertzenich

How to Avoid Doing Pro Bono Work, In Four Easy Steps - by Pamela Miller

Assisting Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Today - by Hillary Richardson and Meredith Turner-Woolley

Prairie State Legal Services: 2017 Facts and Goals

Is There a Doctor in the House? - by Eric Nelson and Michael O’Connor

A Fond Farewell to a Good Friend - by Kathryn McGowen Bettcher

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Feature Articles / November 2017

So You Got a Judgment - Now What? - by Matthew Robinson

What Every Plaintiff’s Attorney and Defense Attorney Must Ask the Plaintiff in a Persinal Injury Case - by Karl E. Bayer

Some Reasons to Think About a Workers’ Compensation Practice - by Richard E. Travis

Digital Assets - by Anna Dopke

Kane County Law Library - Practice Management

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