Bar Briefs Feature Articles from 2011

Feature Articles / December 2011

Efficiency is Emphasized for Efficiency is Emphasized for Effectiveness: An Interview With the New Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit (Honorable Robert B. Spence)
by Gregory L. Slovacek

Technology in Practice: E-Filing 101 at the State Level
by Catherine D. Battista

Is It Wise for Your Company to Take Advantage of the New IRS Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program?
by Nancy E. Joerg

The Hungry Barrister: Bistro Wasabi, Lake in the Hills, Sushi Worth Singing About!

Confrontation Conundrums:  The Supreme Court Hints at Changing the Crawford Rule and Applies Confrontation to DUIs        
by Larson B. Dunn III

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Feature Articles / November 2011

Ethics ‘Desiderata’
by Travis Pickens

Judicial Profile of James R. Murphy: From Forest Service to Public Service
by Andrew R. Smith

Limited Scope Legal Representation
by Bruce Strom

When a Divorce Attorney Can Be Sanctioned by the Bankruptcy Court: A Case Analysis
by John Ruddy and Lincoln M. King

Civil Forfeiture, The Saving Grace of Nazi-Era Restitution Claims
by Patricia K. Ruiz

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Feature Articles / October 2011

Working at Prairie State Legal Services
by Cyndi Bollman

Evolution of the American Jury
by Lindsay Hatzis

The Hungry Barrister

Introduction to Probate Court in Illinois
by Kevin E. Williams

A Judicial and Constitutional Anomaly: Why Courts Should Embrace the Ninth Circuit’s Recognition of a Reasonable Mistake of Age Defense to 18 U.S.C. § 2251
by Bradford Stewart 

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Feature Articles / September 2011

Hello, Young Lawyers: Insights into Selecting and Keeping Clients
by Rory T. Weiler

Private Party Mortgages in Cook, Kane, Peoria and Will Counties Need ‘APLD’ Certificates to Allow for Recording - Change in Law Allows for More ‘Exempt’ Loans
by David Nelson

Civil Unions and Employment Benefits Issues
by Dorothy A. Voigt

A New Committee is Born: Elder Care, Disability, and Mental Health Law
by Rick L. Law

The Traveling Lawyer©: European Cruise 2011
by Thomas McClow

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Feature Articles / August 2011

Green Marketing or “Greenwashing?”
by Andrea Lynn Evensen

Kelli Childress - Kane County Public Defender
by Shannon Folger Dominy

The Wiszowaty Decision and the End of Discretionary Arrearage Interest: Clarification for Illinois Divorce Courts that has Been Long Overdue
by Larson B. Dunn III

Representing a Corporation in State Court: Do You Need a Lawyer?
by Patrick M. Kinnally

U.S. District Court Upholds OSHA Subpoena in Grain Engulfment Case
by Nancy E. Joerg

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Feature Articles / July 2011

2011-2012 KCBA President: Diana M. Law
by Gregory W. Hoskins

KCBA 2011-2012 Board of Managers

KCBA 2011-2012 Committee Chairpersons

Family & Employment Based Preference Categories and Priority Date Retrogression
by Jacqueline Lentini-McCullough

How the Seventh Circuit Missed Wide of the Circuit Split Regarding Multiple Defendant Settlement Offers under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68
by Bradford S. Stewart

by Patrick M. Flaherty

Illinois Official Reports, 1849-2011, RIP
by Paul J. Glaser

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Feature Articles / June 2011

An Introduction to Illinois Pet Trusts
by Emiranda Carcani & William Gregory O

Interlocutory Appeals by the State: When Does the Thirty Day Time Period Begin for the State?
by Eric C. Weis

Silence: Does it Invoke or Waive an Accused Suspect’s Right to Remain Silent?
by Amber L. Michlig

The Traveling Lawyer©: Chandler, Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona 2011
by Thomas McClow

In Memoriam: Honorees of the 2011 Memorial Service

2011 Law Day Mock Trials
by Tricia D. Goostree

Feature Articles / May 2011

Understanding Civil Unions
by Alex Dravillas

Six Helpful Tips for Forcible Entry and Detainer
by Joshua B. Rosenzweig

In Memoriam: Honorees of the 2011 Memorial Service

The Lien Epic: Don’t Lose Your Attorneys Lien
by Patrick M. Kinnally        

Felony-Murder and Afterthought Felonies in Illinois: Trading Intent for Time and Place
by Matthew J. Jakobsze

Three Things You Should Know About Kendall County
by Honorable John F. McAdams

Feature Articles / April 2011

The April 2011 Bar Briefs Issue was an April Fool's 'Spoof' Edition

Feature Articles / March 2011

To Admit or Not to Admit: Cannabis Consumption in Civil Actions
by Zachary Townsend

Counseling a Client Who will be a Fact Witness Concerning Commercial or Foreclosure Litigation in the Illinois Court System: Advanced Technology has Created Additional Discovery Duties on Litigants
by C. John Ruddy

Vacating Default Judgments: Make it Make a Difference
by Patrick M. Kinnally

Family Law Lawyer / Interest on Unpaid Child Support -- Mandatory?
by Matt Shaw

With Great Privilege Comes...No Responsibility: Reconciling Citizens United with Kiobel
by Emily Martin

Feature Articles / February 2011

Overview of the HAMP Loan Modification Program to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure
by Joe Miller        

Binary Sex Classification: What about those Who do not Fit? An Exploration into the World of the Chimera and Marriage
by Kristen Shaffer        

New Duties for Criminal Defense Counsel Under Padilla v. Kentucky
by Nate Nieman

From Novel Writing to the Stage
by Bruce Steinberg                 

Recent Amendments Significantly Enhance the Power and Reach of the False Claims Act
by Daniel M. Purdom

Feature Articles / January 2011

The Roadmap of Reinstatement
by Nicole Sartori         

The Traveling Lawyer©: China 2010
by Thomas McClow

Selecting a Jury in a Capital Murder Case
by Dennis Shere        

Family Law Lawyer / UIFSA: Modifying Out of State Child Support
by Matt Shaw

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