Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2010

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Feature Articles / December 2010

A Look at Local Appellate Court Rules
by Paul J. Glaser        

Employers Wonder: What Exactly is a “Uniform” Under Illinois Law?
by Nancy E, Joerg        

Trespass Arguments and Motions to Quash, Are You Still King of Your Castle?
by Bruce Steinberg

STAR Bonds: The New Economic Development Tool of Illinois
by Christina Chojnacki        

Feature Articles / November 2010

The Good Faith Exception: Resolving a Split among the Federal Circuit Courts
by Richard Johnson        

When the Bankruptcy Court Trumps the Divorce Court: The Automatic Stay and Rules to Show Cause
by Lincoln M. King & Brenda J. Boettcher Smith        

Variance: A Variation on Reasonable Doubt
by Larry Wechter        

2010 Laws Affect Illinois Real Estate Law and Practice
by David Nelson        

What to Do When Your Valuation Experts Disagree
by Gary Meade      

Feature Articles / October 2010

Pro Bono - It Matters
by Patrick M. Kinnally

What You Don’t Know About Pro Bono
by the KCBA Delivery of Legal Services Committee

Ask a Lawyer
by Christine Pasko Falls & Alex Falls

The Campaign for Legal Services for Prairie State Legal: Your Opportunity to Help Provide Legal Services for the Indigent in Our Communities
by Rick Turner

It Takes a Village
by Bruce Strom

Nuts & Bolts for Retired, Inactive or Corporate “In House” Attorneys Who Wish to Donate Pro Bono Legal Services in Illinois
by Jeff Rifken

Lawyer in the Library
by Bruce Strom

Searching for Justice
by Mark Turek

Pro-Bono: One Retiree’s Perspective
by Michael Smith

Feature Articles / September 2010

Identification and Valuation of Retirement Plans
by Dorothy Voigt        

Standing for Nonparents Seeking Custody of Minors Fails to Adequately Protect Parents’ Fundamental Right to Care, Custody, and Control of their Children
by Kristen Shaffer

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 12: Briefing the Hard Stuff
by Larry Wechter

Staff Supervision Simplified
by Laurel A. Vietzen

Feature Articles / August 2010

Discovery of those Online: Using Supreme Court Rule 224 to Ascertain the Identity of Anonymous Online Posting
by Patrick M. Kinnally

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 11: Briefing
by Larry Wechter

The Times They are a Changin’: It’s Time for Illinois to Enact Civil Unions
by Shannon R. Barnaby

Feature Articles / July 2010

2010-2011 Board of Managers

2010-2011 Committee Chairpersons

Patrick M. Kinnally, KCBA President 2010-2011
by Patrick M. Flaherty

When Auctions Offer Advantages over the Conventional Sale of Real Estate - Part Two
by Wallace J. Wolff

I Don’t Care About the Test Results - He’s Still My Son
by Bill Durrenberger

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 10: Preparation for Briefing
by Larry Wechter

Unreasonable and Unrealistic Visitation Schedules in Illinois: A Closer Look at In re Marriage of Guthrie
by Devin Noble

Feature Articles / June 2010

Pro Bono Letter
by Patrick M. Kinnally, KCBA President - Elect

Aurora Police Headquarters and Branch Court Facility
by Dean M. Frieders        

Back to Basics: Filing Your First Civil Action Under Section 1983
by Andrew R. Smith

When Auctions Offer Advantages over the Conventional Sale of Real Estate
by Wallace J. Wolff

27th Annual Law Day Mock Trials
by Tricia D. Goostree

Build Your Case with MySpace: The Impact of Social Networking Sites in Law Enforcement and the Legal System
by Purvi Shah        

Harassment Statutes after People v. Cardamone: Lowering the Bar for Conviction but Raising Constitutional Questions
by Nate Nieman

Feature Articles / May 2010

Thornton v. Garcini: How the Illinois Supreme Court Setoff a Wave of Confusion for Civil Defendants
by Jason Meares        

Due Process
by Robert J. Britz        

In Memoriam: Honorees of the 2010 Memorial Service               

Attorney Beware: Business Valuation in the Current Economic Climate--It Might be the Right Method, But it Could be the Wrong Answer
by Robert E. Kleeman, Jr.                 

The Basics of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case
by Lawrence W. Lobb

Feature Articles / April 2010

Judicial Profile / Honorable Leonard J. Wojtecki, Associate Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit
by Dean M. Frieders

Family Law Lawyer / Are Vacation Days Marital Property?
by Matt Shaw

Amended Illinois Statute to Affect Mortgages on Kane, Peoria and Will County Properties in Addition to Cook County, Illinois Properties
by David Nelson

Turning Justice into a Business: The Perils of Private Mediation in Tort Cases
by Patrick M. Flaherty

Tidbits from Patent History
by Mathew Perrone

KCBF Annual Report

Feature Articles / March 2010

Following the Bankruptcy Statutory Trail Regarding the Creation, Enforcement, and Defense of Child Support and Maintenance Obligations
by John Ruddy and Lincoln M. King

Red Light Photo Enforcement: Administrative Adjudications and the State of the Law
by Victor Puscas

Administrative Law from a Hearing Officer’s Eyes
by Frederick DePasquale

Feature Articles / February 2010

Family Law Lawyer / Ever Read the Mental Health and Development Disabilities Confidentiality Act?
by Matt Shaw

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Recent Efforts to Narrow the Doctrine of Preemption Puts Medical Manufacturers Between Competing FDA and State Regulations
by Brian Michael Krause

Feature Articles / January 2010

Family Law Lawyer / Commingling Non-Marital and Marital Property: Reimbursement for Contributions?
by Matt Shaw

Voir Dire: How and Why We Can Participate
by Patrick M. Kinnally

What About the Lawyers?: Criminal Conspiracy in the War on Terror
by Emily Martin

The Traveling Lawyer©: Las Vegas, Nevada, 2009
by Thomas McClow

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