Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2009

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Feature Articles / December 2009

Judicial Profile / Judge Manuel Barbosa: Looking Back, Looking Forward
by Divya K. Sarang

Sunday Drivers and Terry Stops: A Look at the Upcoming Illinois Supreme Court Case of People v. Close
by Chris Sparks

Tossing Cookies, A True Life Christmas Story (©2009)
by David Camic

The Traveling Lawyer©: Punta Cana, Rupublica Dominicana, 2009
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / November 2009

Judicial Profile: Judge John A. Noverini
by Patricia A. Tauchert

The Political Activity Ban and “Pulpit Freedom Sunday”: How to Prevent Similar Tax Protests
 by Aaron Galloway

Family Law Lawyer / Does More Parenting Time Justify Less Child Support?
by Matt Shaw

Mechanics Liens: Don’t be an Empathetic Owner
by Patrick M. Kinnally

VESSA: Workplace and Public Benefits Protection for Domestic/Sexual Assault Victims
by Anne C. Dunbar

What You Don’t Know About Pro Bono
by the KCBA Delivery of Legal Services Committee

Feature Articles / October 2009

Missing the Target: Why the Illinois Supreme Court Should Have Re-examined Targeted Tender
by Rebecca Stephens

Family Law Lawyer / Maintenance: Payable Upon Death? Tax Free?
by Matt Shaw

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 9: Motion Practice in the Reviewing Courts
by Larry Wechter

Everything You Wanted to Know About Offers of Proof But Were Afraid to Ask
by Vazken Kazandjian

Feature Articles / September 2009

Why Some Auctions Fail: Is it the Property, the Seller, the Buyer or the Auctioneer?
by Wallace J. Wolff

Family Law Lawyer / Dissipation: When Does it Begin to Begin?
by Matt Shaw

The Red Flag Rules: Are You and Your Clients in Compliance?
by Ronald B. Kowalczyk

For Better or Morse: The Seventh Circuit’s Recent Switch to Pickering and the Implications Morse v. Frederick May Have on Teacher Speech
by Steven L. Boldt

Feature Articles / August 2009

Judicial Profile / Honorable T. Jordan Gallagher, From Flock to Frock
by P.J. Gubbins

Family Law Lawyer / Maintenance: ‘Til Death Do Us Part? (Part 1)
by Matt Shaw

Dissolving Entities
by Roman J. Seckel

Feature Articles / July 2009

2009-2010 KCBA President Julie L. Cibulskis
by Robert Speers

KCBA 2009-2010 Board of Directors

KCBA 2009-2010 Committee Chairpersons

Back to Basics
by Matthew Leisten

Nine Simple Rules for Better Legal Writing
by Catherine D. Battista

The Traveling Lawyer©: Spring Training 2009
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / June 2009

IDES Audits: Deciding How Much a Company Owes
by Nancy E. Joerg

2009 Mock Trials

In re Estate of Feinberg: Illinois Testators Now “Partially Restrained” by their Own Will Provisions
by Alexis Costello

Beware! Recent Changes to Illinois Notary Public Law Affect Notaries and their Employers
by Mary Beth DeBord

Feature Articles / May 2009

Pro Bono Publico
by Patrick M. Kinnally

Judicial Profile / The Logical Performer: Honorable Kevin T. Busch
by P.J. Gubbins

Back to Basics: The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act
by Ryan P. Theriault

A Look in the Rear View Mirror: Index of “Back to Basics” Articles
by the KCBA New Lawyer’s Division

In Memoriam: Honorees of the 2009 Memorial Service

Wills v. Foster: Medicaid, Medicare, the Collateral Source Rule and the Wrong Decision for Illinois
by Matthew J. Hafeli

Feature Articles / April 2009

The April 2009 Bar Briefs Issue was an April Fool's 'Spoof' Edition

Feature Articles / March 2009

Zoning Away the Ugly: The Revolution of Aesthetic Zoning Ordinances in Illinois
by Brent R. Eames

Judicial Profile / Experienced, Bi-lingual & Loving Life as a Judge: Honorable Thomas J. Stanfa
by P.J. Gubbins

Effective Management of a Divorce Case
by Michelle L. Alexander

What is the IRS Doing to Help Struggling Taxpayers this Year?
by Judy Berndt

Feature Articles / February 2009

How Judges Influence Advocacy
by Patrick M. Flaherty and Patrick M. Kinnally

Back to Basics: Premises Liability and Some Common Pit-falls                 
by Phillip A. Lorenz

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 8: Making the Appeal Even More Perfect
by Larry Wechter

Letter to the Editor / Angela’s Ashes: The Limitations of the Law, Then and Now
by Thomas P. Scherschel

Feature Articles / January 2009

Fair Value Versus Fair Market Value: Is There a Place for Fair Value in Marital Dissolution?
by Robert E. Kleeman, Jr.

Back to Basics: Orders of Protection
by Matthew Leisten

Ruffles and Flourishes, Hail to the New Chief Judge
by David E. Camic

I Learned About the Law from That: Bernard K. Weiler
by Dean M. Frieders

The Traveling Lawyer©: Southern California, July 2008
by Thomas McClow

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