Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2007

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Feature Articles / December 2007

A Court Reporter's Perspective on Lawyers and Legal Proceedings
by Kathleen M. Grove and Co-author Nancy Moeller

Did You Know There is a Patron Saint of Lawyers and Judges?
by Victor E. Puscas, Jr.

Back to Basics: Family Medical Leave Act of 1993: How to Recognize a Possible Claim
by Brenda Boettcher Smith

SEC Approves Rule Increasing Protection for Deferred Variable Annuity Investors
by James J. Eccleston

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Feature Articles / November 2007

A Physician's Perspective on the Civil Justice System
by Thomas Huberty, M.D.

Advocacy for Mental Health Hands-on Assistance and Grassroots Organizing
by Donna J. Amburgey

Findlaw: How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Back to Basics: Two Strikes and You're Out: 730ILCS 5/5-6-1 (k) and its Effect on DUI and Traffic Cases
by Courtney Nogar

Neonatal Drug Testing: The Medical Perspective
by Paulette Campbell 

Feature Articles / October 2007

Meet the Bailiffs
by Patrick M. Flaherty

A Century of Clancy
by Patricia J. Gubbins

Back to Basics: Expungement and Sealing of Adult Criminale Records
by Theresa Kay Buskey

Unloaded and Encased: Is "Fanny Pack Carry" Illinois De Facto Concealed Carry Permit?
by Evan Jennings Bonnett

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: Cheyenne Frontier Days - 2007
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / September 2007

A Semester at Sea: A College Student's Excellent Adventure
by Raymond A. Witaske

FindLaw: The Ethics of Online Client Development

Simple Products Require Complex Analysis: When the Risk Utility Test Applies
by Andrew J. Smith

Back to Basics: Traffic Tickets
by Brian J. O'Connor

Cooperation Clauses and Waste Management: The Abrogation of the Attorney-Client Privilege
by Kelly J. Varsho

Feature Articles / August 2007

Swearing In Ceremony

Securities Regulator Alerts Investors to Global Market Risks
by James J. Eccleston

Primer for Satisfying Medicare Liens in Third Party Liability Cases
by Robert S. Kramer

Back to Basics: Applying for a Liquor License
by Dean Frieders

Lessons from Czarobski: How to Serve Real Estate Clients Amidst the Uncertainty of the Mutual Mistake Exception
by Laura J. Lee

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: L.A. in May 2007
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / July 2007

2007-2008 KCBA President Biography / Patrick M. Flaherty
by Patricia J. Gubbins

2007-2008 Board of Directors

2007-2008 Committee Chairs

When Payments are Behind
by Donna Amburgey

Findlaw: The Ethics of Online Client Development

Back to Basics: A Rose by Any Other Name - May or May Not be a Rose - The Distinguishing Characteristics of Federal Mark
by Brie A. Crawford

Between a Schoolhouse Rock & a Hard Place: The Procedural & Statutory Dilemma Plaintiffs Face in the Current No Child Left Behind Litigation
by April J. Morgan

The Traveling Lawyer©: Spring Break, Wisconsin Dells 2007
by Thomas McClow

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Feature Articles / June 2007

The Girl Who Would Be Judge: Judicial Profile of Honorable Marmarie Kostelney
by Patricia J. Gubbins

Reflections on a Mock Trial
by Colleen Platt

Back to Basics: Is It Over? The Issue of Reserving Issues in Final Judgments
by Roman J. Seckel

"Women of the West" - Attorneys Meet and Greet
by Mary F. Petruchius & Heather M. Fritsch

Section 115-10: Flirting With Unconstitutionality after Crawford v. Washington
by Kelly J. Varsho

Feature Articles / May 2007

In Memoriam - Honorees of the 2007 Memorial Service

Judicial Profile / Look to Morrow: Profile of the Honorable Robert Morrow
by Patricia J. Gubbins

Rule-ing Class: Quick Review of Recent Amendments to Supreme Court rules Effective May 1, 2007
by Paul J. Glaser

Mental Health Law Policy Report: A Mixed Bag
by Donna J. Amburgey

Back to Basics: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Personal Liability for Directors of Nonprofit Organizations
by Ryan J. Dowd

Do Patients Take Precedence Over Business?: The Status of Physician Restrictive Covenants in Illinois After Mahanty v. St. John Heart Clinic
by Jeffrey R. Hanes

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser 

April 2007 / April Fool's Issue

The April 2007 Bar Briefs Issue was an April Fool's 'Spoof' Edition

Feature Articles / March 2007

Admonitions in the Criminal Trial Court: Waiver of Counsel, Jury Demand, and Noncitizen Guilty Pleas
by Patrick M. Kinnally

What is the Magic Formula to Determine Payments to be Made by Chapter 13 Debtors Who Earn Above the Median Income?
by John Ruddy and Lincoln M. King

Amending the Health Savings Accounts: Reaching the Uninsured is Going to Take a National Effort
by Juanita Herring

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Feature Articles / February 2007

Judicial Profile / Profile of the Honorable Edward C. Schreiber: Interviewer Turned Interviewee
by P.J. Gubbins

Unpermitted Uses and Improvements in Reality: The Story of Sandra B.
by Donna Amburgey

Back to Basics: Small Claims are no Small Potatoes for New Lawyers
by Carolyn Jansons

The Illinois Eavesdropping Statute and Pedophile Stings
by Jennifer Lindt

The Traveling Lawyer©: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico 2006
by Thomas McClow

Kane County Bar Foundation Update
by Susan W. Rogaliner

Feature Articles / January 2007

Law With a Cause: A Real Estate Lawyer's Quest for a Meaningful Life
by Donna Amburgey

Swearing In Ceremony
by Jan Wade

An Ounce of Prevention
by Justin Lampel

Is Social Security Money Safe in a Bank?
by Brett Geiger

A Good Cause
by Bruce Steinberg

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: Burgundy Barge Cruise, France 2006 - Part Two
by Thomas McClow

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