Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2006

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Feature Articles / December 2006

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 7: More Perfecting the Appeal
by Larry Wechter

Lawyers in the Classroom Update
by Paul J. Glaser

States Take on Teen Steroid Use
by Jesse Sheehanr

Back to Basics: Collecting Your Award: Enforcing Monetary Judgments Through Collection Proceedings
by Roman J. Seckel

The Traveling Lawyer©: Burgundy Barge Cruise, France 2006 - Part One
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / November 2006

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 6 - Perfecting the Appeal
by Larry Wechter

Communication in the Information Age: E-mail and Related Privacy Acts
by Josephine Margaglione

"Hot Topics" in Domestic Violence
by Mary F. Petruchius

Back to Basics: Forcible Entry and Detainer
by Brian J. O'Connor

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Letter "M" in MCLE Does Not Stand for "Mandatory"
by Julie L. Cibulskis

Feature Articles / October 2006

Brokerage Firm's Supervisory Deficiencies Highlight Areas for Investor Concerns
by James J. Eccleston

The Satellite TV Pirate's Booty: Theft and Conversion of Intangible Property in Illinois
by Clayton P. Kawski

Back to Basics: Deposition Basics for New Lawyers
by Jonathan Pfleeger

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Feature Articles / September 2006

Protecting Independent Contractor Status When Completing the Paperwork for IDES Audits
by Nancy E. Joerg

Estate and Tax Planning Using Charitable Remainder Trusts
by Dwain K. Tataryn

The Impact of the New Bankruptcy Code on Family Law Practitioner
by John Ruddy and Lincoln M. King

Setting a Clearer Standard for Title VII Retaliation
by Kevin D. McHugh

Back to Basics: Rule 216 Requests to Admit: A General Overview for Propounding, Responding and Effectively Utilizing Requests for Admissions
by Lyndsay A. Markley

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: Boston/Cruise/Connecticut
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / August 2006

KCBA Enjoys Washington D.C. - 2006
by Carolyn D. Jansons

Swearing In Ceremony for the 16th Judicial Circuit

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 5: Preparatory Steps to the Appeal (Cross Appeals)
by Larry Wechter

A Look at the History of Taxation of Discrimination and Harassment Litigation: Taxing Social Policy
by Dean Frieders

Back to Basics: Voluntary Dismissals: "an aid to the diligent, not a refuge for the negligent"
by Julie Cibulskis

Feature Articles / July 2006

Hail to the Chief: KCBA 2006/07 President Robert J. Britz
by P.J. Gubbins

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 4: Preparatory Steps to the Appeal (Criminal Cases)
by Larry Wechter

New Supreme Court Rules to Change the Look of Briefs September 1st
by Paul J. Glaser

Sometimes Playing Nice is the Key: In re National Steel Company Helps Creditors Hedge Potential Risks in Lieu of Debtor Bankruptcy
by Juanita Herring

Back to Basics
by Dean Frieders

The Traveling Lawyer©: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil '06 - Part 2
by Thomas McClow

Feature Articles / June 2006

The First Election
by Lisa M. Nyuli

Law Day Mock Trials
by Paul J. Glaser

“Ask A Lawyer”
by Gail Anstett-Patrick

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 3: Preparatory Steps to the Appeal (Civil Cases)
by Larry Wechter

A Dozen and One Civil Practice Opinions for the General Practitioner
by Patrick M. Kinnally

Access to Prescriptions: Pharmacist Rights and the Illinois Healthcare Conscience Act
by Sarah Holbrook

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil '06 - Part 1
by Thomas McClow

Feature Article / May 2006

In Memoriam - Honorees of the 2006 KCBA Memorial Service

A Star Is Born
by Patricia J. Gubbins

Feds Bite U.S. Seniors: Innocent Seniors Take Medicaid Hit
by Rick Law, Ben A. Neilberger and James Haertel

Securities Regulators Announce "Unlucky 13" Investor Traps
by James J. Eccelston

When Child Support Never Ends
by Donna Amburgey

The Sliding Scale of Internet Personal Jurisdiction in Illinois: Rethinking the Effects of Zippo and Cyberspace Jurisprudence
by Anne W. Solka

Rehabilitation Complete: The Termination of Rehabilitative Maintenance
by Gregory Maksimuk

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Feature Article / April 2006

Administer Justice
by Bruce Strom

Prairie State Legal Services
by Gregory W. Hoskins

KCBF Pro Bono Winner: Lisa M. Nyuli
by Gregory W. Hoskins

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 2: To Appeal or Not Appeal (Reprint)
by Larry Wechter

Hedge Fund Due Diligence: A Must Before You or Your Adviser
by James J. Eccelston

Supreme Court Adopts New Rules - Effective July 1, 2006
by Paul J. Glaser

The Status of Suspiciousless Drug Testing Programs in Schools, and the Likely Expansion Path of Such Programs
by Julie Anderson

Feature Articles / March 2006

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Candidates Profiles
Profile by David Akemann
Profile by Honorable Thomas Mueller
Profile by Sandra Parga

Kane County Sheriff Candidate Profiles
Profile by Ignacio Pena
Profile by Pat Perez
Profile by Kevin Williams

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Accord and Satisfaction: Make it More Than a Paper Game
by Patrick Kinnally

Securities Regulator Issues its Review for 2005
by James J. Eccleston

Major Illinois Estate Tax Changes Now Effective
by Robert G. Turner

A CLE and MCLE Update
by Julie Cibulskis

Feature Articles / February 2006

Judicial Profile: Retired Chief Judge Gene Nottolini
by Paul J. Glaser

KCBF Presidents Page
by Susan W. Rogaliner

Appellate Jurisdiction: What's Left After Wauconda and Lyles?
by Larry Wechter

Offers of Proof: What are They and When do you Need Them?
by Patrick Kinnally

The Traveling Lawyer©: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic '05
by Thomas McClow

Land Planning Tools
by Chad J. Lersch

Feature Articles / January 2006

Securities Regulator Issues Warnings Regarding Equity-Indexed Annuities
by James J. Eccleston

Practical Appeals Advice, Part 2
by Larry Wechter

The Logic and Limits of the IL Credit Agreements Act Recent Court Decisions Hold that an Expansive View Violates Statutory Construction, Public Policy and Encourages Lender Over-Reaching - Part 2 of 2
by C. John Ruddy

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