Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2005

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Feature Articles / December 2005

Judicial Profile: Judge Timothy J. MCCann
by P.J. Gubbins

Supreme Court Adopts New Rules of Appellate Practice Effective January 1, 2006
by Paul J. Glaser

Practical Appeals Advice: Part 1
by Larry Wechter

The Logic and Limits of the IL Credit Agreements Act Recent Court Decisions Hold that an Expansive View Violates Statutory Construction, Public Policy and Encourages Lender Over-Reaching, Part 1 of 2
by C. John Ruddy

The Non-Commodification of Music: Finding a Defense to File-Sharing in the Fair Use Doctrine
by Bethany N. White

Feature Articles / November 2005

Drainage Law and Development
by Patrick Kinnally

Double Opportunity to Appeal Double Jeopardy Claims
by Larry Wechter

Elder Law - Why We Do What We Do
by Rick Law

Discounted Medical Expenses Protected by the Collateral Source Rule
by Jon D. Hoag

Feature Articles / October 2005

Condemnation for Private Use: How the Vaunted New London Case Fails to Affect Eminent Domain in Illinois
by Dean Frieders

Demystifying Tax Returns to Uncover Assests and Cash Flow
by Dwain Tataryn

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Poker Tournaments in Illinois
by Matthew Robinson

A Primer on Alternative Investments and Managed Futures in Particular
by James Eccleston

Feature Articles / September 2005

State Securities Regulators Unveil "Top10 Threats to Investors"
by James J. Eccleston

Habitat for Humanity
by Wally Wolff

The Traveling Lawyer©: Netherlands River Cruise
by Thomas McClow

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

Students Show No Likelihood of Success...When Seeking Injunctive Relief from School Discipline
by Dana Johnson

Feature Articles / August 2005

Frye and the Admission of Scientific Expert Testimony
by Susan Clancy Boles

Some Thoughts About Lawyers
by Jim Skaar

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

When Childhood Obesity Becomes Child Neglect
by Desiree Sierens and Deborah Lang

Feature Articles / July 2005

The Impact of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Legistlation on Secured Lendors, Debtors, and Debtors' Attorneys
by John C. Ruddy and Lincoln King

KCBF - A Sound Foundation
by Paul Glaser

The Lawyer as Peacemaker
by Richard G. Larsen

Much Ado About Nothing
by John M. Beardsley

Feature Articles / June 2005

Long Term Care Planning
by Jeffrey Schmidt

A Procedural Guide to Eminent Domain
by Dean Frieders

Law Day Mock Trials
by Paul J. Glaser

Stock Investors Soon May Recover Losses from Research Analyst Settlement
by James J. Eccleston

Parental Rights Over Education in Illinois
by Holly G. Grange

Feature Articles / May 2005

Bill Murphy
by Pat Kinnally

How to Care For Your Pet After You Have Gone
by Jeffrey C. Schmidt

Protecting Children After Divorce
by John Ruddy

Are Circuit Courts Deprived of Jurisdiction After the Filing of a Notice of Appeal? - Part 5
by Larry Wechter

Flynn v. Industrial Commission: When Seasonal Employment is Concurrent Employment Under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act
by Jon D. Hoag

Feature Articles / April 2005

The April 2005 Bar Briefs Issue was an April Fool's 'Spoof' Edition

Feature Articles / March 2005

Are Circuit Courts Deprived of Jurisdiction After the Filing of a Notice of Appeal? - Part 4
by Larry Wechter 

Revisiting the Confrontation Clause: IL Courts Respond to Crawford v. Washington
by Tom Kelly

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

The Traveling Lawyer©: Places to See Before You Die?
by Thomas McClow

KCBF Pro Bono Winner 2005 - Brad Swearingen

Feature Articles / February 2005

Climbing Mount Everest, or the Difficulty Trustees Face in Proving Ratification of Imprudent Investment Decisions
by James J. Eccleston

A Sound Foundation: Celebrating a First Birthday
by Paul J. Glaser

Are Circuit Courts Deprived of Jurisdiction After the Filing of a Notice of Appeal? - Part 3
by Larry Wechter

The Federal Common Law of Foreign Relations
by Joel Huotari

Feature Articles / January 2005

Avoiding Common Investor Problems
by James J. Eccleston

Controlling Precedent
by Paul J. Glaser

A Sound Foundation: Tell Me Again About How Lawyers Are Uncaring Slimebuckets
by Paul J. Glaser

Family Law Award Winner
by Lisa M. Nyuli

Roy Lasswell Stories
by Fred M. Morelli, Jr.

Are Circuit Courts Deprived of Jurisdiction After the Filing of a Notice of Appeal? - Part 2
by Larry Wechter

“Red” (Biography of Bailiff Alfred C. LeFeber)
by P. J. Gubbins

Protecting the Parent-Child Relationship: The Need for IL Courts to Extend Standing to Non-biological Parents in Regard to Violation Proceedings
by Desiree Sierens

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