Bar Briefs Featured Articles from 2004

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Feature Articles / December 2004

Judicial Profile: Judge Donald C. Hudson
by Paul J. Glaser

Doing What You Love to Do
by Larry Wechter

An Overview of Medical Records
by Stephen L. Hicks

Are Circuit Courts Deprived of Jurisdiction After the Filing of a Notice of Appeal? - Part 1
by Larry Wechter

NASD Advise How to Understand Stock Analyst Recommendations
by James J. Eccleston

John Doe Indictments in Illinois: The Efficacy of Toiling the Statute of Limitations in Sexual Assult Cases
by Brigid Reilly

Feature Articles / November 2004

KCBA Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Paul J. Glaser
by Kevin Drendel

To Frye or Not to Frye: Expert Testimony in Taylor, Bolton, and Erbe
by Azhar J. Minhas

Post-Sentencing Motions in Criminal Cases (Part 2) or "I Thought I was Finished with this Client"
by Larry Wechter

Beware of Brokerage Firm Mortgages
by James J. Eccleston

KCBA Receives Luminary Award
by Gregory W. Hoskins

People v. Hummel and the Recent "Single Course of Conduct" Conflict in Illinois
by Michael Delcomyn

Feature Articles / October 2004

*Circuit Judge: Shari D. Goggin-Ward
Democratic Candidate

*Circuit Judge: Robert Spence
Republican Candidate

*State's Attorney: John Barsanti
Republican Candidate

*State's Attorney: Renee' Robinson
Democratic Candidate

Recklessness Versus Negligence or When is a Traffic Accident a Crime
by Larry Wechter

An Overview of Medical Records
by Stephen L. Hicks

Investors Should Consult the Independent Stock Research Now Avaliable
by James J. Eccleston

The Amended Illinois Grandparent Visitation Statute - New and Improved
by Mark A. Harper, Ph.D.

Feature Articles / September 2004

Sister RoseMarie Lorentzen - KCBA's 2004 Liberty Bell Award Recipient
by Judy L. Hogan

Tim Reuland - KCBA's 2004 Community Service Award Recipient
by Judy L. Hogan

Constructive Discharge in the Context of a Sexual Harassment Claim
by Michael I. Leonard

Preparing to Effectively Cross-Examine an Expert Opinion Witness
by Stephen Hicks

ICAA: An Expansive View Violates Statutory Construction, Public Policy, and Encourages Lended Over-Reaching
by John Ruddy

The High Court Upholds the Pledge of Allegiance: Is Another Challenge Likely to Succeed?
by Kaycee Leifheit

Feature Articles / August 2004

Tour of London's Old Bailey Criminal Courts Buildings
by Chief Judge Philip L. DiMarzio

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Supreme Court
by Judge Gene L. Nottolini

How to Win with IDES Hearing on he Issue of Voluntary Quit
by Nancy E. Joerg

A Weekend in Washington, D.C. with the KCBA
by Gregory W. Hoskins

The Dancing Crab
by Crabbe de Morte

KCBA Supreme Court Admission Ceremony
by Gegory W. Hoskins

Feature Articles / July 2004

2004 - 2005 KCBA Officers & Directors

Lisa M. Nyuli, 2004-05 KCBA President
by Gregory W. Hoskins

Colorful Counsel - Roy Lasswell
by Larry Wechter

Illinois Appellate Court Rules, Second District
Effective July 1, 2004

Understanding the Roe of the Brokerage Firm Research Analyst
by James L. Eccleston

Feature Articles / June 2004

Law Day Mock Trials
by Paul J. Glaser

In Memory of Raymond Todd Brasel

Post-Sentencing Motions in Criminal Cases
by Larry Wechter

NASD Discusses Investor Protection Agenda
by James L. Eccleston

Elder Abuse: Protecting the Elderly from the Ones they Love
by Lynsey A. Crowell

The Making of a Lawyer
by Randle E. Johnson

Feature Articles / May 2004

A Few Words of Advice to Recently Admitted Lawyers
by Honorable Alfred Y. Kirkland, Sr.

KCBA Memorial Service - Honored Colleagues

William P. Brady: Recent Judicial Appointment
by Larry Wechter

The New "Servicemembers Civil Relief Act" Protecting the Men and Women Who Protect You
by 1st Lt. Carlo D. Colosimo

Groh v. Ramirez and the Fourth Amendment: Is Balancing the True Explanation?
by Michael Delcomyn

More Protection for Customers Who Have Claims and Awards Against Brokerage Firms
by James J. Eccleston

Feature Articles / April 2004

What Constitutes "Reasonable Accommodation" Under the ADA?
by Michael I. Leonard

The Impact of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act on Law Firms
by Rachel Hess

When May a Motorist Communicate with an Attorney Prior to Being Requested to Submit to a Breathalyzer Test in Illinois?
by Kerry A. Bute

Tips on Appellate Court Motion Practice
by Robert J. Mangan

Feature Articles / March 2004

The Lawyer's Resources for Tax Research
by Stephen L. Hicks

In Defense of White, Gonzalez, and a Citizen's Right to be Free from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
by Jennifer W. Stock

Are Lawyers a Joke?
by John E. Juergensmeyer

Alison V. v. Westcott: Does One Date Constitute a Dating Relationship for the Purposes of Obtaining an Order of Protection?
by Meeghan N. Lee

Civil Practice Do's and Don'ts: Lessons from Recent Cases
by Patrick M. Flaherty

Feature Articles / February 2004

Children's Waiting Room Muralist
by Paul J. Glaser

NASD Caution Regarding Free-based Brokerage Accounts may be the Start of the Next Wall Street Debacle
by James J. Eccleston

People v. Edwards: "Once More Unto the Breach" Created by Omitted Jury Instructions
by Michael I. Leonard

Feature Articles / January 2004

A Trial Lawyer's Primer on the Tax Process
by Stephen L. Hicks

What is a Patent?
by Matthew R.P. Perrone, Jr.

Stipulated Bench Trials Preserve the Right of Appeal
by Larry Wechter

Paralegal Program Needs Your Input on Law Office Technology
by Laurel Vietzin

Between the Means and the End
by Amy M. Miller

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